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Winchester Summer Music

About Us

A summer music course for amateur players was first established in Winchester in 1960 by professional violinist James Maddocks and his oboist wife June Mills, and was later continued by his sister Joan Maddocks. Winchester Summer Music continues this long established and much enjoyed tradition and is operated on a not-for-profit basis.


wind and piano blank The course offers chamber music and orchestral opportunities to players   of strings, woodwind, horn and piano whose current standard is  equivalent to grade 5 Associated Board or above. Horn players should be familiar with common transpositions and clarinettists should preferably  have both B flat and A instruments. All players should be familiar with the various clefs used by their instruments in chamber and orchestral music.


Pre-formed ensembles are welcome but members are recommended to spend at least one session playing with other participants to broaden their experience. Players attending on their own will be placed into chamber groups with others of a similar standard. There are no set works, but tutors will offer suggestions to group leaders or groups on request. All members will receive details of their chamber music groupings during June. For information about sheet music availability please see the "Virtual Library" page.


With the cancellation of 2021 course we are back to the drawing board for 2022. Courses usually commence with registration on a Monday at the end of July and end for residents after breakfast the following Sunday using our regular venue at Peter Symonds College, Owens Road, Winchester SO22 6RU. We hope to make plans for 2022 towards the end of this year.